Viron has been a regular customer of KCS Plastics since 1992. Our products have always been supplied on time and met quality requirements.

KCS have been innovative in product design and have been able to make the tooling for new products.

Kurt Schnepf and his team of long term dedicated staff are up to the challenge of making new plastics products that, from our observation, enjoy the reputation of meeting and often exceeding customer requirements.

Peter Mason

Viron Pty Ltd

Advantec Australasia Pty Ltd, have been associated with KCS Plastics for over 10 years.
We have an excellent working relationship with Kurt & Bill, and all the KCS staff.
They have shown great support to our company, from reception throughout the entire company.
Their moulding and tooling departments are always kept in top working condition.
We would recommend KCS to anyone who is looking to have a product designed and manufactured to world class standard.

Allan Pearce

Advantec Australasia Pty Ltd

We are pleased to note our satisfaction with KCS Pty Ltd.
KCS has proven to be a professional company focused on establishing long term, client-focused relationships where honesty and enthusiasm are paramount.
Their experience and understanding of plastic products and the associated manufacturing processes has helped them to exceed their customers’ expectations.
The qualified and well-organised team at KCS have personally provided a high level of professional service and quality support to our company.
This company has strong traditional values, excellent integrity, and focuses on ensuring maximum levels of customer approval.
We look forward to an ongoing open and mutually rewarding relationship with KCS Pty Ltd in the future.
Ross Thompson
Production Director
Kookaburra Sport Pty Ltd