Custom Injection Moulding

Injection moulding is the process of melting thermo plastic polymer pellets and forcing them through a precision barrel with a mechanical screw into a mould or die.

The mould will have at least one cavity shape, and maybe as many as several hundred. The part is then cooled in the die.  The cooling time is approximately relative to part size. As soon as the part is cool enough, it is then ejected from the die. The video below explains this process.

KCS has more than 30 years of experience in custom injection moulding and toolmaking.

As Custom Injection Moulders, KCS has all the resources to produce your finished products from your Invention, idea, design, or existing tooling.   Our skilled and experienced die setters and production staff ensure the highest standards are maintained.

Working from our own in-house tool designs, or from customer supplied data, we will finalise your project and establish the production of your injection moulded parts.

Creating solutions through Injection Moulding and Tooling.

KCS is experienced in all facets of tooling and injection moulding.
Whether the moulding die is a single cavity die moulding a general use polymer, or an especially complex multi cavity die, moulding super-soft polymers, including proprietary blends, and incorporating overmould processes: KCS can meet production requirements.

Our Custom Injection Moulding shop has the capacity to mould products in small, minimum order runs, to very large continuous runs, using moulding machines with clamp capacities of 80 tonnes to 560 tonnes.


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